Volunteering After Graduation

Is volunteering after graduation right for me?

Many full-time volunteer organizations offer invaluable experiences, whether it is abroad or domestic.  These are experiences that you won't get if you start a career or go to grad school right after graduation.  Also, you will most likely build long-lasting and invaluable relationships with the people you work with and serve.

Reflection Questions:

  • What is my motivation for seeking a volunteer opportunity?
  • How will volunteering affect my career plans or goals?
  • What’s the application process and timeline for a full-time service position?
  • Does volunteering fit with your lifestyle goals post-graduation?
  • What are the financial resources available (i.e., stipend, scholarship, loan deferment, an education grant, health insurance, etc.)?
  • Can the organization provide you with names of former volunteers for you to contact and talk about their experiences?
  • What are the safety concerns regarding the area in which you will be working, traveling through and living?

Research Volunteer Programs

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