For People with Disabilities

Ability Links This site provides numerous opportunities to search for jobs, submit resumes, and search for job training and placement services. 
COSD Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities COSD will help graduates with disabilities to get a job interview/career by posting their resume on COSD's national database so that COSD-member employers can recruit and hire them.
EARN Employee Recruitment EARN connects employers who have job vacancies to employment service providers who have direct access to job ready individuals with disabilities. EARN also provides technical assistance to assist employers in locating appropriate organizations and information as they seek to hire qualified candidates with disabilities.
Equal Opportunities Publication Inc.  This site offers job opportunities for the disabled.  There is also a chance to subscribe to the "Careers & the disABLED" magazine.
Federal Employment of People with Disabilities The site provides access to information that is relevant to the recruitment, employment, and retention of individuals with disabilities in the Federal Government. This information includes Federal and state laws as well as other governmental and non-governmental sites.
LD on the Job The National Center for Learning Disabilities helps overcome obstacles that you may face on the job.  With the power to hope, learn, and succeed, they will help you find the right job too.
Learning Disabilities Association of America Provides support to people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and other professionals.  At the national, state, and local levels, LDA provides cutting edge information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources.  These services make the Learning Disabilities Association of America the leading resource for information on learning disabilities and opportunities for school and employment, while providing information about disability-related Federal government resources.
Minnesota Business Leadership Network The Minnesota Business Leadership Network (BLN) is an employer-led endeavor that promotes best employment practices and enhances competitive employment opportunities for skilled candidates with disabilities.
National Business and Disability Council The leading resource for employers seeking to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace and companies seeking to reach them in the consumer marketplace.
National Center on Deafness The National Center on Deafness, NOCD, is aimed towards helping deaf students find current job opportunities.  It also includes both undergraduate and graduate degree information and helpful opportunities for students in need.
Signs of Success Great opportunities for deaf students interested in business management.
U.S. Department of Labor: Office of Disability Employment Policy ODEP's mission is to provide leadership to increase employment opportunities for adults and youth with disabilities.
Workforce Recruitment Program Coordinated by the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the U.S. Department of Defense, the Workforce Recruitment Program aims to provide summer work experience, and in some cases full-time employment, for college students with disabilities. The program develops partnerships with other federal agencies, each of whom makes a commitment to provide summer jobs and a staff recruiter.