Business Card 101


  • Networking Events
  • When you might not bring along a resume but want to have the option to provide your contact information to someone you just met
  • Easy to carry, always have on hand
  • Very convenient to share professional info
  • Way to summarize your info in a concise way

Front Side:

Contact Info
        Name (First and Last)
        Phone Number
        E-mail Address
Major / Minor (if any)
Expected Graduation

**Represent yourself, personality, interests in your design
Ex. Environmental studies could have a graphic (tree in the background) that relates to topic area

Back Side:

Use this side to highlight main points from your resume, your "selling points"
        (Include leadership positions, experiences, etc.)
        Ex: JEC Committee Member, CSB Senate Upperclassman Representative


  • Business cards are not intended to replace your resume
  • Use normal fonts and standard sizes (12 pt.)
  • Ensure it is interesting and readable
  • Use a logo if possible
  • Keep it simple
  • Stick to one or two colors