Internship Sites of Former Students (by Industry)

Many students find great internships by reviewing past CSB/SJU internship sites. The lists below include past internship partners, with student positions categorized by the field of work they completed (i.e., Environment, Legal, Health, etc.). Please note, you can not apply to these sites directly from this list, but can contact XPD for more information if a site should interest you

Accounting (AC)

Arts Administration (AD)

Art (AT)

Broadcasting (CM)

Computer Information Systems (CI)

Economics (EC)

Education (ED)

Environmental (EV)

Event Planning (EP)

Financial Services (FS)

Fitness/Athletic Training/Coaching (FT)

Global/Intercultural/Foreign Language (IP) 

Government (GO)

Health Behavioral (HL)

Health (HL)

Human Resources (HR)

Human Services (HS)

Journalism (CM)

Law (LW)

Management (MA)

Marketing/Promotions (CM)

Ministry (MI)

Natural Science (NS)

Public Relations (CM)

Recreation (RC)

Sales and Marketing (SM)

Science Research (SC)

Travel (TV)

Website Design (CM)

Writing (CM)