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Sustainable Practices at CSB/SJU

SJU Summer Intern Nina Oyakawa and CSB Sustainability Fellow Lindsay Wimmer produced a video for new and returning students to CSB/SJU.

Students traveled to Washington DC for Power Shift 2011

CSB/SJU sent 45 students—ranking 16th in the nation for the num­ber of students attending—to learn about organizing grassroots movements to switch to clean energy. They even made a video about it. Take a look!  Read more ›

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University dedicated the 2010–2011 academic year as the Year of Sustainability.

The Year of Sustainability Review is now available.

We spent the year collectively defining what sustainability means for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. We worked to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and across all departments and offices, from residential life, to physics, to physical plant. Our goals are to become carbon neutral by 2035, save money, and do it in a socially just manner. To reach these goals we need everyone to participate. This year's events, speakers, discussions, forums, art exhibits, and even a play incorporated sustainable themes.

2010–2011 Year of Sustainability—Success because of you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Year of Sustainability!  We gained a lot of momentum this year and I look forward to CSB/SJU progressing in its sustainability initiatives.  With the assistance of the other members of the Office of Sustainability, I have compiled a Review of the Year of Sustainability: the events, initiatives, survey highlights, metrics, and savings incurred during this year.  When viewed as a whole it is apparent how much our campuses can achieve when we put our collective minds to it.  If you still want a last chance to participate, you can visit Eco-Byway at the CSB and SJU art galleries.   This also serves as my farewell to the Offices of Sustainability.  I am happy with the progress we have made since I started in August 2009.  I will be continue to work in Student Activities and Leadership Development as well as a Faculty Resident.  Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who mentored me and worked with me throughout these two years.  If you have questions regarding sustainability-please contact Judy Purman in the CSB office or Nick Moe in the SJU office.  Lindsay Wimmer is the new CSB fellow, and we are in the process of hiring my replacement at SJU.  


Theo Eggermont