Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council

The Joint Sustainability Council are a group of faculty, staff, students, monastics, and community members that serves as an advisory group to the Sustainability Office and the President's Office. The Council meets monthly during the academic year, and meetings are open for all members of the CSB/SJU community to attend.

Please contact the Sustainability Office if you would like to present to the Council.

Joint Sustainability Council Members

Faculty/Staff Members: 

Rachel Brodeur, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Office

Alexa Evenson, Associate Professor, Art

Ryan Gideon, Executive Director, Facilities Management

Russ Klein, Executive Director, SJU/OSB Phyisical Plant

Tammy Huston, Office Manager, SJU/OSB Physical Plant

Corrie Grosse, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Derek Larson, Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies

Troy Knight, Professor, Environmental Studies

Chad Marolf, Senior Principal Gifts Officer, CSB Institutional Advancement

John Taylor, SJU Institutional Advancement

Sue Palmer, Vice President of Finance and Administration, CSB Business Office

Dick Adamson, Vice President of Finance and Administration, SJU Business Office

Phil Paulson, Culinary Chef, CSB Culinary Services

Adria Gilitzer, Dietician, SJU Culinary Services

Kim Poganski, Director, CSB Culinary Services

Janet Despard, Director, SJU Culinary Services

Sister Philip Zimmer, Order of Saint Benedict

Brother Isidore Glyer, Order of Saint Benedict

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council oversees the development and implementation of the Sustainability Master Plan.

Sustainability Master Planning Process

The Council began plan development with a visioning process centered on the following question: Envision a campus where sustainability is the norm. What do you see? Through this process, the Council identified the following areas as priorities for inclusion in the master plan: responsible consumption, sustainable facilities, transport, food & dining, partnership and outreach, grounds, and curriculum. The Plan is now being developed - we anticipate its formal acceptance in the Fall 2012.