Green Office Program

Grow an Ever-green Office! 

This program is committed to building community on campus as we work towards common goals and commit to forming sustainable habits inside and outside of the office. The CSB/SJU Green Office Program encourages campus offices to pursue their individual goals and adopt the program in their own unique way! Our overall goal with this program is to make a difference on the campuses and foster social, economic, and environmental change.  

What is the purpose of the program? 

Just like we mentioned above, the Sustainability Office wanted to encourage offices to go greener but take it at their own pace and in their own way. We want to encourage a more mindful sustainable culture across campuses alongside the Green Residence Program which is geared towards sustainability in residence halls, so we developed this program to include faculty, staff, departments, and offices. We want it to be structured, yet flexible to encourage offices to brainstorm, plan, and carry out their own sustainability initiatives, yet have the Sustainability Office as a resource.  

What does the program include?

After filing out the interest form, the Sustainability Office will reach out you, conduct an audit of your department, and help you make your short-term and long-term goals for the office. After the initial meeting, the Sustainability Office will be supplying monthly themed newsletters with tips-and-tricks, ideas for new goals, and activities for your office.  In addition, offices can reach different “levels of sustainability” throughout the fiscal year depending on how many projects completed over the time.

Despite the monthly newsletter interactions and semester meetings, the participation and time each office provides to the program is dependent on them. The Sustainability Office will be around to provide aide, ideas, and guidance for any office/departments who would want to use it, yet this voluntary program encourages each office to have fun with it and adopt it in their own unique ways.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected]

Interested in joining? Fill out this interest form and a Sustainability Office employee will get back to you shortly! We look forward to having your office become Ever-green with us!