Hiring Student Employees

  • Post job description on jobs website for a minimum of one week.

Email [email protected] to have your position posted on the website.  The jobs website can be viewed at www.csbsju.edu/sejobs.  Jobs must be posted for a minimum of one week to give all eligible students the opportunity to apply. 

  • Make sure applicants are on the approved list.

Check the approved list before interviewing or hiring students.  Only students on the approved list are currently eligible to be hired.  To receive an updated version of the approved list please email [email protected]

    • Complete Interviews

Interview questions should be open-ended (questions which require more than a "yes" or "no" answer) and will provide the applicant an opportunity to talk about her/himself.  A good interview will be approximately 80/20, with the applicant talking about 80% of the time and the interviewer talking approximately 20% of the time.  All interviewing questions must relate to the job description and cannot pertain to age, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, transportation, GPA, class status, or extra curricular activities.

    • Follow Up with All Applicants

It is the responsibility of each department to follow up with applicants regarding hiring.

  • Complete Notification of Hiring (NOH) Forms

Remember to complete NOH forms for all students you hire.  Approved students have access to the Fall NOH forms and they are available in the Student Employment Office on either campus.