2010 Dignitas Humana Award

Common Hope: Education Children, Empowering Families

Guatemala children

Common Hope was founded by the Huebsch family in 1986. Motivated by a desire to help the poor, the Huesbsch family left their comfortable life in Minnesota to see what they could offer the people of Guatemala, where the local community members expressed a great yearning to educate their children so they might have a better future.

The Dignitas Humana Award annually recognizes and encourages the efforts of individuals who do exceptional work on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised. It honors those who exemplify the Judeo-Christian values of service, respect, kindness and compassion in their work to advance the dignity of human persons.

Recipients of this award support, advocate for, nurture and protect people on the margins of society in the United States and around the world and inspire others to work for human dignity and justice.

The Dignitas Humana Award is made possible by the generosity of M. George and Gloria Allen.