in understanding the Church will be studied (e.g. the Church as communion, the Church
. Connection, communication, community and communion are different places along
on communion calls to the homebound, to the hospitalized, to those in assisted living. I
. For example, how can we get people who want to receive communion to want
at the Service of Communion" Abbot Matthew Leavy
have to believe that it’s found here, wherever your “here” is. Communion
.  To love Wisdom is to strive for communion with God.  In the SOT/Sem, we urge one
: Communion and Primacy as Ecumenical Opportunities Today,” Communion among Christians
relationship between an experience of communion with God in prayer and personal reflection on the one hand, and an experience of communion among peoples
Regarding Communion Without Baptism."  Worship  87.3 (May 2013). 212-225. (Written