Brenda Kresky

Called to Share My Faith

Brenda KreskyMy name is Brenda Kresky. I currently work as Consultant for Adult Faith Formation with the Catholic Education Ministries office of the Diocese of St. Cloud.

Some people know of their call to ministry from early on. My call developed more gradually. Before coming to Saint John's, my husband (then fiancé) intended to study theology. When we visited Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, our guide from the admission office noticed that I was also interested in theological study and offered me an application. The campus was beautiful, there were apartments available for married couples, and the School of Theology·Seminary offered a summer program. It was a great fit, so we started classes that summer. When my husband took a job in parish ministry, I began volunteering, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to apply to some parishes the following year. I was offered a job and have been working in ministry ever since.

I have now been a paid pastoral minister for 16 years, and I love it. I enjoy the challenge of using my creativity to spread the message of Jesus Christ, and I appreciate the constant variety - I don't think my "job" has ever been the same from two years in a row. The people I work with and for in ministry are fantastic.

My experiences at the School of Theology and Seminary shape my work today in multiple ways. Saint John's provided me with the knowledge I need to do my job well; I gained confidence to give thoughtful answers to challenging questions. I also maintain relationships with faculty and staff members at the School of Theology and Seminary. Because Saint John's is so close to St. Cloud, it is the first place I think of when I, my colleagues, or those we minister to need something....anything! These connections enrich my ministry, but they also help the school extend its hospitality to the wider community. The Benedictine spirit of the place has stayed with me in my faith, ministry, and life. I continue to appreciate the Benedictines for their prayer, hospitality, vision, ministry, outreach, and witness to the gospel.

The professors at the School of Theology and Seminary were amazing, which energized me as a learner. I enjoyed all of my classes because the passion that each instructor had for his or her subject was contagious. I also learned a lot from other students, who brought their own wisdom to our conversations.

The most important thing I learned at the School of Theology and Seminary was how to be an adult Catholic. The time I spent doing theological thinking gave me a broader and deeper perspective on life and faith. I learned how to continue to grow as a Christian, called to share my knowledge and faith with the people of God. My preparation at Saint John's, and the support I still receive, make me a better minister.

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