Scripture: New Testament (SSNT) Courses

SSNT 400 Reading the New Testament (3)
This course offers a general introduction to the history, literature and theology of the New Testament with special emphasis on reading strategies appropriate to both pastoral work and further academic study. Particular attention is paid to the Gospels and Pauline Letters.

SSNT 401 New Testament Greek (3)
The instruction emphasizes reading Comprehension of New Testament Greek, with the aid of a dictionary. It includes the study of grammar with an eye towards its practical application.

SSNT 406 Early Christian World (3)
This course forms the educational component for the study tour of various locales in Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
It is a study of the artistic, cultural, and social foundations of Christianity mentioned in the Pauline writings and the Book of Revelation as well as other early Christian and monastic sites. Students explore how one historical age influences another and the importance that art and archaeology play in theology and religion.

SSNT 417 Gospel of Matthew (3)
This course offers an extensive investigation of the Gospel of Matthew within its theological, social, and historical context.

SSNT 418 Gospel of Mark (3)
As a theological, historical and literary analysis of the second gospel, this course places special emphasis on the narrative quality of Mark and its relationship to the early Christian community.

SSNT 419 Gospel of Luke (3)
A historical-critical examination of the Gospel of Luke, read through a theological optic, provides a thorough study of selected passages, while turning attention to Luke's soteriology.

SSNT 420 Synoptic Gospels (3)
This study investigates the interrelated histories and theologies of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke within an analysis of the Synoptic problem.

SSNT 422 Pauline Letters (3)
A theological, historical and literary analysis of the Pauline letters, the topics studied may include the conversion and mission of Paul, the historical situation of the Pauline communities, the literary and rhetorical quality of the letters, and major theological themes.

SSNT 424 The Johannine Tradition (3)
The Gospels and Letters of John have been very influential in the shaping of Christian theology. A close reading of the texts will provide an examination of the Johannine corpus within its theological, social and historical context.

SSNT 468 Topics in New Testament Literature (1-3)

SSNT 470 Independent Study (1-3)