Jerome Porter

Year of Graduation: 2002

Job title: Attorney, I am the City Attorney for Eagan and Mendota Heights specializing in criminal prosecution.

What do you like best about your work? Being able to deal with citizens who have gotten themselves into a bind and figuring out resolutions that will hopefully put them back on track as productive members of society.

How has Sociology heled you do what you do... how are you using what you learned in college? My background in Sociology gives me a solid insight into why people do what they do.  With that knowledge, I feel am able to come up with workable solutions and appropriate sentences in criminal cases.

Some interesting facts: Because my work requires me to act with a certain level of decorum, participating in the Annual Polar Bear Plunge for the Special Olympics has giving me an opportunity to relive my college days where you could do something most would consider crazy and its all for a good cause.  It never hurts to help (it just might cause frostbite to your bits and pieces).

Contact Information:  [email protected]