Summer Reunion FAQ

Why is class reunion happening in the summer?

Summer class reunion offers a wide range of new opportunities. A summer class reunion will allow for:

  • Coordination with Saint Ben's class reunions
  • More time to connect with classmates, campus and the community over the weekend gathering
  • Available on-campus housing
  • Academic seminars and/or discussions led by faculty, staff and fellow alumni

How will summer class reunion be coordinated with Saint Ben's?

The 2015 summer reunion will be planned concurrently with CSB, allowing for ample opportunities to connect with CSB classmates. In 2016 and beyond, summer reunion will be planned jointly. There will be many joint events as well as opportunities for both schools to hold their own separate events.

My class had no formal affiliation with CSB, so why would our reunions be coordinated?

Since the coordination of the academic programs in the 1970s, CSB and SJU students have become more coordinate. In the reunion survey, both Bennies and Johnnies strongly support having each other at their class reunions. While it is understandable that not everyone is/was connected with CSB, the past four decades of Johnnie alumni have established a solid relationship with their Bennie counterparts. For them, including Bennies in class reunion just seems right. For older reunion classes, separate reunion programming may be offered, but class reunion will remain on the same weekend.

Will homecoming in the fall still be a big deal at SJU?

Yes! Homecoming will remain an annual highlight weekend for all alumni to return to campus to cheer on the Johnnie football team and celebrate after the game together. There will be increased opportunities for alumni groups to reconnect and the potential for more connection with CSB alumnae on both campuses.

Why is on-campus housing for class reunion important?

With no students on campus and residence halls open, alumni will be able to more fully relive their college experience by staying in their freshman dorm or their senior year apartment. The campus will come to life with alumni from years ago and give them the freedom to use the most memorable spots on campus and find new ones.

Are my spouse and children invited to class reunion?

For class reunion, alumni and spouses are invited to campus. In the future, we may develop programming that includes children, but for the first few years of coordinate summer reunion, the focus will be on classmates and their spouses/significant others. This way we can better tailor specific programming for each group. All family and friends are welcome to campus for Homecoming and other Johnnie events throughout the year!