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The Johnnie Wall and Spotlight

Johnnie Wall: Creating a Legacy of Inspiring Johnnies

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In 2018, SJU Senator Owyn Ferguson started the Johnnie Wall project, finding the funds through the SJU Senate. The Johnnie wall aims to share what inspires Johnnies, with the hope of igniting leadership in the next generation. 23 Johnnies are chosen and highlighted on the Johnnie Wall in the Alcuin Library, located down the stairs by the Schu. Here are three respondents over the years:

 "My Grandmother always emphasized how important it is to get an education, get exposure, and to be mannerly and kind. Saint John's has created an environment for me to do all of these. Therefore, to honor my Grandmother's insight and wisdom, I must take advantage of every opportunity this institution offers me, and do my best to create opportunities for other Johnnies to grow and be inspired."

-Owyn Ferguson '20

 "Being a Johnnie entails hard work, positivity, passion, and the strive for excellence in everything I do. It requires going beyond the mundane and everyday life to achieve something greater than oneself. These three years at Saint John's have given me the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop both inside and outside the classroom. Getting involved in the numerous clubs, sports, and other activities to experience new opportunities has elevated my college experience. Leaders need to create positive change by their relentless passion, dedication, and belief behind whatever they choose to pursue. This is what makes Saint John's special - a smaller university where many individuals understand the problems that need to be addressed, and our voices can and should be heard."

-Matthew Anderson '23

“Ser un Johnnie significa tener el valor de extender tu mano a los que se miran diferentes de ti. Significa aprender de los demás y entender las jornadas que a echo uno para llegar a este lugar. Nuestros caminos son diferentes, pero todos merecemos la oportunidad de ser escuchados y de pertenecer aquí porque hemos demostrado que merecemos lo que hemos ganado. Los Johnnies están unidos para el bienestar de nuestra comunidad. Nuestros valores como una institución benedictina nos guían a que todos nuestros miembros sean incluidos. Cuando alguien se cae, los demás están ahí para socorrerlo. Nuestra fraternidad como Johnnies es lo que nos une y es lo que nos distingue. Un Johnnie ama a su prójimo, sin importar sus valores, de donde viene, su educación, su religión, como se mira, como oran, o su participación política. Aunque no somos perfectos, juntos seremos la esperanza para que todos los Johnnies del futuro encuentren un hogar aquí. Seremos la esperanza para un mundo que lucha para la justicia, paz, y para socorrer a los que son alienados en nuestra sociedad.”

- Fredi Ponce Parra ‘24 


The Johnnie Wall 2022:

Nathan Meyer '22 - Trayias Bowe '22 - Drew Engel '22 - Avery Bentrott '22 - Geonn Taylor '22 - Christian Loeb '22 - Connor Kockler '22 - Logan Edwards '23 - Liam Miller '23 - Matthew Anderson '23 - Sean Fisher '23 - Emmett Adam '23 - Ryan Imm '24 - Fredi Ponce Parra '24 - Landon Peterson '24 - Jacob Gathje '24 - Jesus Segovia '24 - Zach Olmschenk '24 - Max Doom '24 - Evan Mattson '24 - Ignacio Sanchez Romero '24 - Elias Wehr '25 - Jesus Moreno '25 

The Johnnie Wall 2019 - 2021:

Brendan Klein '19 - Taylor Kallsen '19 - Jacob Ford '19 - Dominic Schleif '19 - David Johnson III '19 - Jackson Erdmann '19 - Jarol Torres '19 - Jaheer Jones '19 - Muqkadeen Poole '19 - Andrew McGee '19 - Will Gillach '19 - Quinlen Marshall '20 - Nathan Saunders '20 - Farrad Williams '20 - Bardia Bijani Aval '20 - Jackson Oettinger '20 - Nicholas Twail '20 - Alex Modeas '20 - Sam Black '21 - Ryan Graham '21 - Daniel Bachmeier '21 - Michael Klonowski '21 - Joseph Schwamm '21 

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