Johnnie Spotlight

Mike Connolly, Ethan Huber, Logan Edwards, Jervon Sands, and Durran Thompson (L-R) Picture taken by Owen Haubenschild '26

The SJU Johnnie Spotlight is a monthly program where the Saint John's Senate has the student body can nominate people for embodying what it means to be a Johnnie. The SJU Senate will then randomly choose, out of the group of applicants, the Johnnie who gets recognized at the next Senate meeting. When the Johnnie comes to the meeting as the spotlight, they will get a special prize from the bookstore!

Here is what a student said about Trayias Bowe '22: 

"He cares so deeply for who people are and what they’re going through. He has changed the way optimism is viewed on this campus and how it can make such a large impact on people’s lives. Day in and day out he demonstrates how a simple, friendly hello can brighten up a person’s whole week. Be like Trayias, connect and remember to not take life too seriously. You never know what a person is going through. Let’s reciprocate the love Trayias continuously shows for all of us. Trayias we love you and are always rooting for you!" 

Here are the past recipients: Guy Mohs '23, Moses Wiseman '23, Bryce Erkenback '24, Trayias Bowe '22, Kevin Valley '23, Joe Stauffer '22, Fredi Ponce Parra '24, Elijah Browne '24, Sam Rengo '23, and Tommy Ornburg '24, Ethan Huber '23, Logan Edwards '23, Jervon Sands '23, and Jorge Hernadez '23.