Sophomore Student Programs

Learning Outcomes 

  • Career Development & Exploration 

Students will pursue and test out opportunities (clubs/organizations, service, internships, undergraduate research, etc.) that fit one's interests, values, skills, and goals.

  • Community Engagement

Students will identify various ways in which they build and support community through engagement and leadership. By the end of second year, students will have participated in at least two community activities and discussed their experience with their Faculty Resident (FR)/Residence Assistant (RA). 

  • Intercultural Competence

Students will be able to identify elements of various on-campus cultures and aspects of their own cultural heritage and identity.  

  • Personal Growth

Students will be able to develop greater self awareness by building emotional intelligence and leadership competencies through participation in leadership building opportunities.  Students will identify their own goals and plan for personal growth.

  • Spirituality

Students will describe the relationship and disconnects between the kind of man they are becoming and the kind of man they wish to become.  Students will have at least one significant conversation about opportunities for spiritual growth with an FR, RA, campus minister or a personal mentor.