Living-Learning Communities

Living-learning communities at Saint John's enhance educational engagement.

Students interested in the creation of another living-learning community should contact SJU Residential Life and Housing at [email protected].

Eco-House/Sustainable Living

Purpose: Promoting an awareness of and commitment to sustainable living 


  • Operate the Edelbrock Greenhouse to provide local, sustainable produce for the community.
  • Residents live together as an Eco-House living-learning community.
  • Residents take responsibility to educate the greater SJU community about issues of sustainability:
    • Environmental - energy, water, transportation, food waste, recycling
    • Economic - use of local economies
    • Social justice - equal access


  • Marmion and Yellow Tholl Houses: 11 members


  • Juniors and Seniors


Benedictine Living Learning Community

learning • prayer • work • recreation • community

Purpose: To promote an awareness of Benedictine practices and how to demonstrate
those practices through everyday life with an intentional living community and joint academic course.


  • Residents live together as a living & learning community.
  • Participation in Benedictine studies coursework for 1 credit each term – this course will fulfill
    the Benedictine Raven designation in the Integrations Curriculum.
  •  As a community, the residents take some responsibility to educate the greater CSB/SJU
    community about how students can live Benedictine values in their everyday lives.


  • Virgil Michel, third floor - suites with double rooms, a common living space, & kitchen.

Students Eligible to Participate

  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Application and Additional Information: