Abbey Church

Walking down the side aisle and passing out from under the balcony you will notice the folds in the walls and the ceiling. These make it possible to support the structure without pillars. They witness to the skill of the carpenters who built the forms and to all who played a part in carrying out the internationally recognized design by Marcel Breuer.

Continuing to the nave, you become aware of the monumental grandeur of the interior. The church is 225 feet long, 180 feet wide at its greatest breadth and 65 feet high at the façade. The main church seats 2,000 in the nave, choir stalls, and balcony.

The honeycombed stained glass window of the façade was designed by the late Bronislaw Bak, a former member of the Art Department of Saint John's University. Several monks and students assisted in the execution of the design, including Br. Andrew Goltz, O.S.B., and Mr. Richard Haeg. The design suggests the splendor of the liturgical year.