Membership Information

  • NO PUBLIC (OUTSIDE COMMUNITY) MEMBERSHIPS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are in the process of creating a safe return and environment for our students and faculty/staff. Once we allow outside community members again we will extend your membership for the number of months that were missed until your expiration date. 
  • Memberships can be purchased online or in person through the office of Marilyn Koltes (Warner Palaestra 242) or Nicci Malecha (250).
  • More information in regards to the McGlynn Fitness center can be found here 

Tier One: Includes McNeely Spectrum, Rock Wall, Pool, and Sexton Arena (no fitness center)


Tier Two: Includes McNeely Spectrum, Rock Wall, Pool, Sexton Arena and Fitness Center

No Affiliation to SJU $250/year
SJU Alumni $120/year
Saint John's Parish Member $120/year
OSB/SJU Retiree $10/year
Faculty/Staff Spouse $10/year

*Tax is additional 7.125%

McGlynn Fitness Center