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Convocation Speakers

Year Student Speaker Faculty Speaker
2016 Ramond Mitchell Dr. Scott Richardson
2015 Alex Wald Dr. Benjamin Faber, Psychology [delivered by Dr. Pam Bacon, Psychology]
2014 Tyler Brown Dr. Kate Graham
2013 Andrew Hovel Dr. Karen Erickson
2012   Patrick Stewart-Hester   Dr. Stephen Wagner
2011 Kyle Glynn Dr. Scott Johnson, "Liberty as Central to the Liberal Arts"
2010 Mr. Silbernagel Dr. Bruce Campbell, "Liberal Arts Education and the End of the World as You Know It"
2009 Emmanuel McDonald Dr. Thomas Sibley, "Reasonable Doubt"
2008 Mr. Daly Fr. Mark Thamert, OSB, "Wean Yourself"
2007 Joseph Daly Fr. Rene McGraw, OSB
2006 Kevin May Dr. Rodger Narloch
2005 Joshua Robinson Dr. Richard Ice
2004 Maxwell Smith Dr. Charles Wright, "Freedom, Bondage, and Educated Insight"
2003 Michael Hahn Dr. Michael Livingston, "A Few Things I learned in College"
2002 Joshua Fiedler Dr. Nick Hayes, "Starting the Journey From Saint John's to Ithaca"
2001 Lloyd Grieger Dr. Annette Atkins, "Welcome to the Real World"
2000 Lloyd Grieger Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, "Highway 61 Revisited"
1999 - Dr. Thorpe Running, "Four Years"
1998 - Dr. Bernard Evans, "Education to Leadership"
1997 - Dr. Daniel Finn, "Quarks, Tropes, and the Suicide Squeeze"
1996 - Dr. Charles Thornbury, "A Young Man's Song"
1995 - Jon Hassler, "The Last Generation of Readers"
1994 - Dr. Eugene Garver, "Why We Envy You"
1993 - Robert Spaeth
1992 - Dr. R. William Franklin