Writing Retreats

Writing retreats provide space for faculty members and staff to prioritize their scholarship, creative work, and other projects. We define "writing" as anything that moves your work forward--this can include coding, reading, editing, transcribing, analyzing, sketching, composing, writing, outlining, calculating, thinking, sculpting, etc.! Work on your research, book proposal, journal article, tenure or promotion file, grant proposal, syllabi or curriculum project, novel, poetry anthology, composition and much more. 

Retreats offer multiple days of unstructured working time in a beautiful setting, as well as the opportunity to get to know your colleagues over shared communal meals and informal conversations. The cost is free, and all are welcome!

2023-2024 Retreats

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**Administrative staff need to send a letter of support from their supervisor to Karlyn Forner.**

What to Expect


  • Are either overnight or multi-day on campus. All overnight retreats are open to day participants.
  • Are flexible and can accommodate your needs. Reach out!
  • Include communal meals with colleagues.
  • Build relationships with colleagues that cross disciplines and departments.
  • Include trails, lakes, and opportunities to be with nature.
  • Offer chances to meet with Research and Grants Office staff about funding opportunities.
  • Can be family friendly. We're open to afternoon canoe rides, evening cookouts, and more. Let us know what you need.

 Overnight retreats include:

  • Individual rooms and bathrooms, linens included.
  • Private and communal writing spaces.
  • Meals: Day 1--dinner; Day 2--breakfast, lunch, dinner; Day 3--breakfast, lunch. Snacks provided throughout the day.
  • Walking trails and a lake.
  • WIFI