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Doctors of optometry (O.D.) are America’s primary eye health care providers. They are the front line of eye and vision care. At Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s, we prepare students in the liberal arts tradition to be successful O.D.s who can think critically, work in a variety of settings and contribute to the needs of their communities.


Why Study Pre-optometry at CSB and SJU?

  • Trained and committed faculty advisors from different areas
  • Prerequisite courses and study resources that strongly prepare students for the OAT
  • Interdisciplinary health-focused programs of study
  • Experiential opportunities in local clinics and volunteer organizations


Program Objectives

  • To prepare well-rounded applicants for optometry school, building on a strong curricular foundation in the natural and behavioral sciences
  • To provide students the resources to approach the study of health along creative, interdisciplinary paths
  • To provide students opportunities to gain clinical exposure and learning through a variety of co-curricular experiences

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