Peace Studies


The interdisciplinary character of the Peace Studies department facilitates the integration of the various strands involved in conflict and the complex nature of peace. Building upon the six required courses, a student majoring in Peace Studies, in close consultation with the department, focuses his/her interest by looking at conflict and its resolution through detailed study in the social sciences, the humanities or the natural sciences.

Major Requirements

Required courses:

(28 credits)

  • PCST 111 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  • PCST 221 Theory and Practice of Nonviolence
  • PCST 333 or 343 Theologies of Violence/Non-Violence or Philosophies of Violence/Non-Violence
  • PCST 346 Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • PCST 397 Internship
  • PCST 399 Capstone
  • ENVR 175 or ENVR 275 Integrated Environmental Science

(24 credits)

Each student takes 6 elective courses chosen with the help of the student’s faculty adviser to support the student’s area of interest, or “focus”, within the field of Peace Studies. We will provide sample tracks listing common electives for popular focus areas (such as Global Health or Human Rights) on our website, but students will not be required to choose an existing track. Each student will have the option to design a personalized track by selecting 6 electives to match a unique focus.

Minor Requirements

Required courses:

PCST 111, 221, 346, 399; one additional 300-level PCST course.

The peace studies major and minor will be gradually discontinued beginning Fall 2023. Students who were enrolled at CSB and SJU prior to Fall 2023 will be able to continue in the major or minor and all appropriate opportunities will be available to them through Spring 2026.
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Jeffrey Anderson 
Peace Studies Department Chair
SJU Simons 122

Brandie White
Department Coordinator
SJU Quad 355A