September 2011

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

24th Annual Peace Studies Conference

"Toward a More Sociable World: The Struggle Against the Death Penalty and the Legitimation of Violence"

September 19, 2011
Co-Sponsored by: CSB/SJU Peace Studies Department and CSB/SJU Amnesty International Club
Free and open to the public 

Book Sale and Signing: Now I Walk on Death Row: A Wall Street Finance Lawyer Stumbles into the Arms of A Loving God, by Dale S. Recinella.

 "The Death Penalty Leaves No Survivors"

  Presented by:
  Dale S. Recinella, JD, MTS
  Catholic Correctional Chaplain
  Florida Death Row & Solitary Confinement

"More than 'Mistakes Were Made': An Innocent Man's Journey from Death Row to Freedom" 

  Presented by:
  Randy Steidl
  Former Exonerated Death Row Prisoner

         *Sponsored by CSB/SJU Amnesty International Club

Movie - "At the Death House Door"

  Discussants: Randy Steidl and Art Laffin
  "Breaking the Cycle of Violence Through Mercy, Justice and Reconciling Love" 

  Presented by:
  Art Laffin
  Nonviolence Advocate, Washington, D.C. 

Conference Coordinator: 
Dr. Jeff Anderson
CSB/SJU Peace Studies Dept.
[email protected]; 320-363-3047


The Peace Studies Department at Saint John's University and College of Saint Benedict is grateful to Lorraine and the late Robert Breitenbucher for their financial support in presenting this conference.  Robert Breitenbucher passed away in October 2004 -- his spirit of peacemaking lives on.