CSC Day Spotlight

Each CSC Day, the Undergraduate Research Program highlights the research and creative work of a select number of exceptional student projects as part of our CSC Day Spotlight! To be considered for the spotlight, students must be nominated, register to present their work at CSC Day, and submit a short video Flash Talk describing their research or creative work. 

Spotlight recipients are selected on the basis of having a timely project that exceed expectations, not only in the quality of the research or creative work, but also in their growth as scholars in their field.

2022 Spotlight Recipients

Abby Goff ’22 – The Post-Expansionist Profile of Russian President Vladimir Putin 
Advisor: Dr. Aubrey Immelman

Jacob Minkkinen ’22 – Repurposing SARS-CoV-2 Main protease tp bind to HIV-1 protease
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Gentile

Caitlin Doty, Claire Westby, and Elise Weinzierl ’22 – The Effects of Climate Change on the Future of MalariaPartners
Advisor: Dr. Gordon Brown

Sierra Trebesch ’22 – Changes in Physical Activity and Sport Participation in College Alumni
Advisor: Dr. Mary Stenson

Dacoda Speidel ’22 – Using EMG Signals to Control an Arduino Prosthetic Arm
Advisor: Dr. Jim Crumley

Megan Kohout ’22 – Interactions of TUG-UBL1 and Insulin and Implications for Glucose Uptake
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Gentile

Elise Vomacka ’23 – The Personality Profile of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris in Office
Advisor: Dr. Aubrey Immelman

Charis Birkholz ’25 – “Transcultural Intellectuals Throughout the Cultural Revolution in China”
Advisor: Professor Sophia Geng

Isaac Kubalak ’22 – Daily Mindfulness Meditation and Exercise Impact Stress, Anxiety, and Mindfulness in Students During the Pandemic
Advisor: Dr. Mary Stenson

Jordan Anderson ’22 – The Effects of Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oils on Strength and Power Performance
Advisor: Dr. Mary Stenson

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