Archive 2014

Public Health

The Effect of Nutrient Labeling on Food Selection in Female College Students at a Campus Dining Center. Annie Milbert '14

Comparing dietary patterns of college students when eating in America versus eating in China: Impact on nutrient intake, body weight and waist circumference.  Maoxinyu [Daisy] Wu '14

Eating Attitudes and Behaviors in Students Choosing To Major In Nutrition versus Nursing. Maria Anderson '14

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status and Anaerobic Performance in Female Collegiate Basketball Players. Anna Krieger '14 Integrated Health Sciences Major

Hydration Status and Performance during Two-A-Day Summer Soccer Training Sessions with Female Athletes. Kristina Burk '14

Nutritional Intake, Menstrual Function, and Serum Osteoprotegerin in Female Collegiate Cross-Country Runners. Bailey Drewes '14

Conquering Anemia in Haiti Using Local Foods. Hannah Maxbauer '14

Energy Availability, Lean Body Mass and Resting Metabolic Rate in Female Collegiate Distance Runners. Kelsie Larson '14

Dietary intake patterns and eating competence in male and female collegiate swimmers.  Kayla Steffen '14

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Re-Thermalization of Individually Packaged Meals. Nicole L Kirkvold '14