Emily Berg Paup, assistant professor of communication, published a book chapter "Patriarchy and Power: A Feminist Critique of Hamilton," in the edited volume "Rhetoric, Politics, and Hamilton: An American Musical"

Pedro dos Santos, associate professor of political science, published "Identity and Representation" in #UniteCloud

Lindsey Gunnerson Gutsch, assistant director for excellence success and interim co-director of First-Year Experience, featured on The Presence Blog for Student Experiences 

Catherine Bohn-Gettler, professor of education and co-director of Undergraduate Research, appointed new co-editor of Discourse Processes

Amanda Macht Jantzer, assistant professor of psychology, and Kyhl Lyndgaard, writing center director, edited the book Inclusion in Higher Education: Research Initiatives on Campus

Pedro dos Santos, associate professor of political science, is co-author of the book Women's Empowerment and Disempowerment in Brazil: The Rise and Fall of President Dilma Rousseff

Karen Backes, dean of admission, featured on the #HigherEdHero blog

Karlyn Forner, grants officer, appeared on the "Teaching Hard History" podcast, produced by Learning for Justice of the Southern Poverty Law Center 

Betsy Johnson, adjunct instructor of communication and English, published "when animals are animals"

Bruce Campbell, professor of Hispanic studies, published "Fast Culture, Slow Culture" in Dissident Voice

Corrie Grosse, assistant professor of environmental studies, and Brigid Mark '20 published “A colonized COP: Indigenous exclusion and youth climate justice activism at the United Nations climate change negotiations” in The Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Jason Schlude, associate professor of classics, published "Once a President" in The Activist History Review

Gary Prevost, professor emeritus of political science, is author of the book Politics of Latin America: The Power Game (7th Edition)

Gary Prevost, professor emeritus of political science, had an article "Challenges to the Single-Party Dominance of the African National Congress: Lessons from Kwazakhele" published in the Journal of African Elections

Ellen Block, associate professor of anthropology, had an article "Exposed Intimacies: Clinicians on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic" published in Anthropology in Action

Sarah Gainey, Saint John’s Outdoor U assistant director/education coordinator, was awarded the Non Formal Environmental Educator of the Year by the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education

Louis Johnston, professor of economics, was named president of the Minnesota Economic Association

Michael Livingston, professor of psychology, is author of the book Connections: A History of Psychology as Science

Louis Johnston, professor of economics, had an essay “Exchange, Industry, and Adaptation: Economics in Minnesota” published by the Minnesota Historical Society

Megan Sheehan, assistant professor of anthropology, is co-editor of the book The Everyday Life of Urban Inequality and author of a chapter “Spaces of Migration and Production of Inequalities in Santiago, Chile”

Dan Finn, professor of theology and William E. and Virginia Clemens Professor in Economics and the Liberal Arts, is editor of the book Moral Agency within Social Structures and Culture

A team of CSB/SJU librarians and instructional technologists has been awarded the Minnesota Library Association’s Minnesota Academic Innovators Award. Kelly Kraemer, Adam Konczewski, Ethan Wittrock and Sarah Gewirtz received this award in recognition for their work combining instructional technology with information literacy values.