Kathman Speaks on MnLINK

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October 28, 1997

ST. JOSEPH, Minn.- Michael Kathman, director of libraries and media at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, recently participated in a panel discussion, "MnLINK to the Future," at the Minnesota Library Association Conference. The panel presented different perspectives on the future of library automation in Minnesota, especially with the new MnLINK project, for which the legislature funded $12 million last year.

MnLINK is a state-wide automated library system. It acts as a gateway between university library systems, allowing students to use their home system commands to browse other university libraries. Also, students do not have to be on campus to access MnLINK. Study abroad students or students doing internships in other cities benefit from the new library system, as well.

According to Kathman, MnLINK is the "new generation of software."