CSB, SJU and OSB employees honored for anniversaries, retirements

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July 8, 2020

Want to hear an impressive number?

That would be 1,975, which is the combined years of service rendered by 124 College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University and Order of Saint Benedict employees that celebrated milestone anniversary dates in 2020.

That impressive figure does not count the 22 individuals who served the institutions before retiring this year.

Employees were noted for retirement and years of service (five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years).

Here’s a list of those celebrating anniversaries or retirements:

Five years - Adam Benney, SJU Athletics; Mary Binsfeld, SJU Dining Service; Christy Brown; CSB Residential Life; Rebecca Brown-Medvec, Intercultural and International Student Services; Linda Bruner, Global Business Leadership; Juliet Brutger, CSB Culinary Services; Jessica Dickau, Center for Global Education; Tricia Dirschel, CSB Custodial Maintenance; Sam Dittberner, SJU Athletics; Nancy Dueland, Academic Affairs; Deborah Eisenschenk, Liturgical Press; Paola Forero Bello, Chemistry; Bennett Frensko, Library; Casey Gordon, IT Services; James Habiger, SJU Physical Plant; Kathleen Hansen, CSB Institutional Advancement; Steven Hoeschen, Transportation; Thomas Jorgensen, SJU Physical Plant; Jameson Kurtz, SJU Physical Plant; Tara Maas, CSB Institutional Advancement; Mark Mulvey, Transportation; Melissa Nordmann, SJU Custodial Services; Tommy O'Laughlin, Enrollment Management and Marketing; Lee Olmschenk, SJU Physical Plant; Phillip Paulson, CSB Culinary Services; John Pollack, CSB Athletics; Leah Rado, CSB Athletics; Emily Rath, CSB Health Center; Kyle Rauch, Outdoor University; Danielle Schwagel, SJU Custodial Services; Joseph Singewald, Art; Allen Skochenski, SJU Life Safety; Judy Spies, CSB Culinary Services; Malik Stewart, CSB Institutional Advancement; Diane Thelen, CSB Culinary Services; Angela Whitney, Experience and Professional Development; Morgan Windsperger, SJU National Catholic Youth Choir; Christine Young, Upward Bound.

10 years - Roxanne Antil, CSB Health Center;  Jonathan Bruns, CSB Culinary Services; Jeff Engholm, Prep School; Laura Fanucci, Collegeville Institute; Lori Gnahn, SJU Institutional Advancement ; Nicole Hess, CSB Athletics; Josiah Johnson, IT Services; Steve Kimble, CSB Athletics; Basil Leblanc, SJU Life Safety; Todd Lorentz, CSB Security; Nichole Matuska, Center for Global Education; Tory Oelfke, Registrar’s Office; Erica Rademacher, Experience and Professional Development; Beverly Rohe, SJU Custodial Services; Shelly Rooney, CSB Culinary Services; Diana Symons, Library.

15 years - Amanda Anderson, CSB Athletics; Nicole Anderson, Library; Adam Bauer, IT Services; Kimberly Dierkhising, Abbey Retirement Center; Sarah Gainey, SJU Outdoor University; Sarah Gewirtz, Library; Randy Hammond, IT Services;  John Haws, SJU Athletics; Denise Holstad, SJU Institutional Advancement; Leslie Koshiol, Experience and Professional Development; Angela Mareck, Financial Aid/Student Employment; Anne Oberman, CSB Business Office; Linda Orzechowsk, HMML; Brian Schreiner, SJU Physical Plant; Sarah Simpson, Admission; Gregory Stein, IT Services; Marion Voigt Larson, SJU Life Safety; Jennifer Whitehead, Prep School; David Wuolu, Library.

20 years - Jason Anderson, SJU Physical Plant; Ruth Athmann, SJU Institutional Advancement; Tanya Boettcher, Abbey Business Office; Jeffrey Curtis, CSB Power Plant; Irene Daniels, CSB Culinary Services; Mary Fogle, CSB Institutional Advancement; Marilyn Koltes, SJU Athletics; Ann Kuhl, IT Services; Wayne Laudenbach, CSB Power Plant; Fr. Dale Launderville, OSB, School of Theology; Dawn Lenzen, CSB Security; Pamela Marchand, CSB Culinary Services; Barbara Mergen, SJU Dining Services; Tonya Miller, SJU President’s Office; Heidi Ruprecht, Enrollment Management and Marketing; Joann Timp, SJU Custodial Services; Diane Van Beck, CSB Business Office; Brian Welsh, CSB Culinary Services.

25 years - Todd Abdella, IT Services; Matthew Beirne, Admission; Tracey Birr, Education; Br. John Brudney, OSB, Fire Department; Jennifer Cahoy, SJU Institutional Advancement; Terence Check, Academic Affairs; Mary Geller, CSB Student Development; Sharon Hartmann, SJU Business Office; Carol Jansky, Biology; Melissa Koshiol, Experience and Professional Development; David Schneider, CSB Student Accounts; Jason Terwey, IT Services.

30 years - Robin Bautch, Admission; Paul Beniek, IT Services; Linda Blommer, CSB Culinary Services; Carmen Donabauer, Liturgical Press; Richard Ice, Academic Affairs; Cheryl Schlangen, Admission; Alex Schleper, Admission; Lynda Schulte, Liturgical Press; Joan Volkers, CSB Custodial Maintenance; Patricia Weishaar, Theology.

35 years - Monica Bokinskie, Liturgical Press; Larry Christen, CSB Facilities Management; Marie Eli, SJU Institutional Advancement; Michael Leyendecker, SJU Power House; Gregg Ressemann, SJU Dining Service; Julie Scegura, SJU Institutional Advancement.

40 years - Fr. Eric Hollas, OSB, SJU Institutional Advancement; Bonnie Meyer, SJU Student Accounts; Timothy Miles, SJU Athletics.

45 years - Beverly Ehresmann, Library; Fr. Dunstan Moorse, OSB, Liturgical Press.

Retirees - Kenneth Bechtold, Liturgical Press; Judy Bednar, Human Resources; Janice Braegelmann, Sexton Commons Dining; John Clarkson, Experience and Professional Development ; Diane Dols, Abbey Retirement Center; Jim Dwyer,  SJU Institutional Advancement; Molly Ewing, Library; Gary Jorgensen, SJU Buildings and Facilities; Deb Juntunen, CSB Custodial Maintenance; Karen Knutson, Institutional Planning and Research; Jeana Koenig, Student Accounts; Lawrence Koltes, SJU Power House; Catherine Kremers, Liturgical Press; Susan Kuefler, Liturgical Press; Michael Leyendecker, SJU Power House; Doris Matter, SJU President’s Office; Keith Matthies, CSB Power Plant; David Schlumpberger, OSB Physical Plant;  Jane Stromme, Registrar’s Office; Gail Studniski, SJU Dining Service; Fr. Don Talafous, OSB, SJU Institutional Advancement; Joann Timp, SJU Custodial Services.