CSB, SJU enroll 3,405 students for 2018-19

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September 12, 2018

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University together enrolled 3,405 first-year to senior students, as of the 10th day of studies Sept. 7. These students hail from 40 states and 18 countries.

CSB’s enrollment this fall is 1,755 first-year to senior students. Undergraduate enrollment at SJU totaled 1,650 first-year to senior students.

First-time, new entering student enrollment totaled 437 at CSB and 398 at SJU for a combined first-year class of 835. The new class comes from 27 states and eight countries.

The average ACT scores of new entering students at both CSB and SJU was 25, and scored in the top 20 percent of all scores nationally.

The new class continues to be racially and ethnically diverse. American students of color made up 18.7 percent of the new class, and 17.1 percent overall. International students made up 4.1 percent of the new class and 3.8 percent of the overall student population.

CSB and SJU have together enrolled 885 new students, which includes first-year, transfer and re-admitted students.

The overall retention rate remained very high, at 88 percent from first-year to second year. Since 1997, first-year to second-year retention rates at CSB and SJU typically have averaged between 15 and 20 percent higher than the national averages at public and private colleges locally and nationally.