Funding for Student Projects, Research, and Conferences

Applying for Funding from the McCarthy Center

Students often seek funding to support travel, events, professional development opportunities, and research (hereafter, referred to as “projects.”) from the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement.  The McCarthy Center has limited funds to support such requests, and therefore has instituted a funding proposal process to enhance funding equity.

Funding decisions are made periodically through the year based on the perceived impact of the project for CSB/SJU, the McCarthy Center and our mission. Funding decisions are made purely at the discretion of McCarthy Center professional staff on the basis of available funding. In order to apply for funding for a student project or other monetary support, please complete the form HERE. You may be contacted via email for additional information before a funding decision is made.

We seek to fund a variety of experiences with the limited funds we have, and, as such, funding a project in one fiscal year does not guarantee future funding through the McCarthy Center. 

Funding applications should be submitted before the project commences. 

Guidelines for McCarthy Center Funding for Student Projects, Research, and Conferences:

Funding is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only CSB/SJU students or events including CSB/SJU students are eligible for funding through the McCarthy Center.
  2. Prior to requesting funding for your project, you must let us know who your faculty/staff advisor is and ensure they are aware of your request for support.
  3. Prior to any international travel funds request, you must work with the Office for Education Abroad (OEA) to complete the necessary paperwork.
  4. Prior to your project, you must submit a brief summary outlining the purpose of your project and details of participation to Sabrina Gilchrist, Program Coordinator, with a copy to the McCarthy Center via our email: [email protected]. We do our best to highlight the important work of our students. 

Please direct any questions to Sabrina Gilchrist at [email protected]