Digital Scholarship

Digital Scholarship Services
College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University librarians and Instructional Technology Specialists are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital scholarship.  

What is Digital Scholarship? 
Digital scholarship involves the use of digital tools, methods, and platforms to more effectively create, analyze, disseminate, or extend one’s research or scholarly work. It can encompass a wide range of activities – from digitizing traditional print materials to using computational techniques for data analysis – that leverage technology to enhance teaching, learning, and research experiences.

  • Digital Humanities: Delve into the rich intersection of technology and the humanities: whether you're creating interactive digital exhibits, text mining historical documents, or developing immersive learning experiences, Digital Scholarship Services can help you weigh considerations for both the technical and humanistic aspects of these endeavors. 
  • Data Projects: For faculty, staff, and student researchers working with data-intensive projects, we offer consultations on data literacy and data ethics and attendant best practices for data collection, management, analysis, interpretation, and visualization. 

Digital Scholarship Consultations 
Whether you're a seasoned digital scholar or just starting out, we can provide personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs. We can help you dream of what’s possible and think through what’s practical regarding project planning; instructional design; information ethics; research data management; data analysis; and evaluating, integrating, and assessing various digital scholarship tools and platforms. Our goal is to offer consultative services that help you feel supported (most digital scholarship is inherently collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, after all!) and empowered to develop and implement digital humanities and data projects that are intentional, impactful, and successful.

Supporting Digital Scholarship Within the Curriculum 

Our primary efforts currently focus on consulting and collaborating with faculty to develop, implement, and integrate digital pedagogies and digital scholarship projects within the curriculum. Assignments that incorporate digital scholarship questions, approaches, and tools have the power to enrich course content, support departmental and Integrations Curriculum learning goals, and potentially further one’s research efforts, all while fostering critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy among our students.

 If you don’t yet know if your digital scholarship project or research interests will involve a curricular or student-focused component, we are still happy to meet with you.  

How to Contact Us 

Getting in touch is easy. Start by connecting with your department’s liaison librarian or an iTech specialist, and we’ll loop in or refer you on to other digital scholarship experts on our teams as needed! We're available via email and phone for quick inquiries or you can email us to schedule an initial meeting in person or via Zoom.   

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