Hassler Archives

The archives of Jon's works are located at three different libraries. Jon wrote many many drafts of each work so there may be drafts of a given work in all three archives.

The early works are at St. Cloud State Library

Included are:    SIMON'S NIGHT                   
                      THE LOVE HUNTER 
                      THE BOOK OF BRENDAN - unpublished manuscript
                      A GREEN JOURNEY 
                      SIMON'S NIGHT: A PLAY

The later works are at Saint John's University: SJU Manuscript Collection 3: Hassler Papers, 1985-1997

Included are:     SIMON'S NIGHT
                      A GREEN JOURNEY
                      THE BOOK OF BRENDAN
                      GRAND OPENING
                      NORTH OF HOPE
                      DEAR JAMES
                      ROOKERY BLUES
                      DEAN'S LIST
                      SCREENPLAYS, PLAYS, ETC.

Duke University has many of Jon's papers as part of the Harriet Wasserman (Jon's literary agent) archives 

Included are:     "Along the Road from Inch to Knock" ca. 1977
                      THE BOOK OF BRENDAN undated   (1 version in 3 folders)
                      "Christopher, Moony, and the Birds" undated
                      "A Dublin Sketch" undated
                      PLUM 1985 February 18   (1 version in 2 folders)
                      "A Portrait of the Novelist as a Young Man" ca. 1980
                      "Rufus at the Door" ca. 1980
                      "The Stillness at Walden Pond" ca. 1977
                      "Yesterday's Garbage" undated
                      SIMON'S NIGHT undated
                      FOUR MILES TO PINECONE  (2)
                         hardback: American
                         paperback: American
                      GRAND OPENING
                      A GREEN JOURNEY (3)  
                         hardback: American, British
                         paperback: American
                       THE LOVE HUNTER  (4)
                         hardback: Finnish (2 publishers), Norwegian
                         paperback: American
                         uncorrected bound proof
                       SIMON'S NIGHT (2)
                         hardback: American
                         paperback: American
                       STAGGERFORD  (2)
                         hardback: American
                         paperback: American