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Information Technology Services Overview

  • CSB/SJU is a PC campus, however the fine arts departments use Macintosh computers. There are also Linux workstations to support Computer Science and some of the natural sciences. (CSB/SJU university-owned computers breakdown: 91% PCs, 9% Macs)
  • CSB/SJU has one network that serves both campuses plus the Prep School, the Abbey and the Monastery. CSB/SJU has a 10 Gigabit network backbone. This allows high availability to the data and applications on the network servers.
  • The same software is accessible from all PCs regardless of their location; this even includes the residence hall clusters.
    • Faculty, Staff, and Students can customize PC screens to their liking and those same settings will follow them around to any other networked PC.
    • Faculty, Staff, and Students are given ample network hard drive space to store personal documents. This data, like the applications, is also accessible from any networked PC or Mac and is backed up on a nightly basis
  • Faculty, Staff, and Students have access to Information Technology Services' Help Desk. The Help Desk is there to answer any questions and if necessary, forward that question to our professional technical staff.
  • Information Technology Services provides software licenses to students who have connected their own computer to the campus network at no extra charge. This allows them access from their room to virtually all of the network software applications -just as they would from any networked computer in our access areas, labs or classrooms.
  • Students who do not have a computer in their room will usually have close access to a computer cluster in their residence hall. Residence hall computer clusters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Computer access areas are open and accessible when students need them. The Quad Computing Center located at SJU and the Clemens Computing Center located at CSB are open until midnight on most days. The computer access areas are staffed at all times with well-trained and enthusiastic student workers who are available to assist students.
  • The student technology fee entitles each student to have access to an e-mail account, file storage space, printing, support, network connection in room, IT Services training, etc.
  • Laser printers are available in every access area. CSB/SJU uses print management software to help manage the costs of printing on campus. Each student will have a $25.00 credit applied to their student printing account at the beginning of each semester. This credit is equivalent to 500 single-sided pages at $0.05 per page or approximately 830 double-sided pages at $0.06 per page. To facilitate the conservation, the faculty are encouraged to allow submission of class papers electronically rather than on paper. Faculty, Staff and Students also have the option to print to a lab printer from a personal computer or mobile device.
  • CSB/SJU has wireless access in every building on both campuses allowing faculty, staff and students to access the network through notebooks or other hand-held devices. For details check out the Wireless Access Information.
  • CSB/SJU's E-mail application is Microsoft Outlook. For off-campus users, Outlook is accessible from any web browser via an Internet connection.
  • Information Technology Services' provides training workshops on many of our popular software applications. Workshops are scheduled to accommodate class schedules and are offered in the evenings as well. These workshops are offered at no extra charge to students and employees.
  • Network connections (both wired and wireless) are available in all residence hall rooms and provide connectivity to the Internet and network resources for student-owned computers, 24 hours-a-day.
  • CSB/SJU has a 100 mbps network connection available for every student in the residence halls (connection cables are provided at no extra charge).
  • CSB/SJU has a Computer Store on the College of Saint Benedict campus. Students can purchase educationally priced software and other related supplies.