Clemens Technology Labs @ CSB


Clemens Library B113

Robots in the Innovation Lab

The Innovation Conference Room is currently housing a conference room setup with a mounted TV capable of Zoom meetings. The room can also be used to work with our collection of robotics kits, the space is for faculty and students to come explore some of the latest and newest technology that we intend to incorporate into the CSB and SJU classrooms. This space will be open during the Clemens Library hours and you are welcome to walk in and start innovating. The room can also be reserved through EMS room booking.

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Clemens Library B114

Instructional Lab

The CSB Training Lab is a standard lab often used for instructional purposes and basic lab use by students, staff and faculty. This room has 20 networked PCs, an instructor station and projection system. The CSB Training Lab can be reserved online through the EMS room booking.

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Clemens Library B115

Creative Lab

The Creative Lab is an excellent resource for any student, staff, or faculty on the CSB campus. This multimedia lab has nine stations that can handle video, audio, photo, or design projects with a wide array of software programs and equipment. Moreover, the Creative Lab offers the same tools as its SJU sister lab, the Kling Media Lab in the Learning Commons, which allows users to work at either campus for maximum convenience. This space will be open during the Clemens Library hours and you are welcome to walk in and start creating.

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Clemens Library B116

Maker Lab Printers

The Maker Lab is a flexible learning environment allowing CSB and SJU students to work on individual or class projects for 3D printing and design. Students may explore fundamental processes of 3D printing and design using critical thinking and creative problem solving.

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