ID Cards


The College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University, and the Order of Saint Benedict provide the Saints ID Card, an official identification card for individuals who have specific associations with either institution. This card is permanent and can only be used by you, the cardholder. In addition to serving as your photo ID card, the Saints ID Card uses multiple card technologies to permit you to gain access to campus buildings and events and allow you to take advantage of many services:

Current Saints ID Card Services:
  • General Photo Identification
  • ID Card Swipe Number Identification
  • Meal Plan Access
  • Door Access: Residence Halls at CSB and SJU; various office areas and CSB Computer Labs, and Academic Buildings
  • Library Checkout
  • Access to Campus Athletic Events
  • Conference and Event Access (Summer)
  • Equipment Access Recreation Center
  • Theater Box Office Access
  • Pub Age Verification
  • Health Center Access
  • Pharmacy Access

Your identification card has your picture on the front and your account information magnetically encoded on the back. Your card instantly identifies you as being associated with the institutions and should be carried with you at all times.

Privileges and Card Services

This section describes some of the services provided by your ID card, but it is not a complete list. Card privileges and eligibility for card services vary for every cardholder. Your privileges depend on the type of card issued to you. Eligibility criteria are often defined by the management of that particular facility or service and are subject to change.

Athletic Facilities and Events

Accepted for attendance of athletic events and facilities unless otherwise specified and subject to payment of any established amounts for tickets or use fees.

Dining/Culinary Services

Accepted for use of meal plans.


Accepted for use of housing access in accordance with the policies of the Residential Life Office.

Lectures, Movies, Musical Events

Can be presented to receive a discount on tickets for lectures, movies or musical events.


The Libraries have written regulations for the use of their facilities. Staff at the service desk can supply details regarding the exact nature of library privileges.

Many other areas of the campus utilize the Saints card, including the Health Center, computer labs, Prep School, Student Employment, Sexton Commons Service Desk, Haehn Campus Center Service Desk, Outdoor Leadership Office, Registrar’s Office, and the Student Accounts Office.

CSB Security


SJU Life Safety