Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program gives students opportunities to enroll in honors versions of core courses and to engage in independent thinking, research and writing within their own major.

Why should I choose the Honors Program?

The honors program provides highly motivated students the opportunity to work closely with professors and other motivated students in advanced levels of critical thinking, analysis, research, writing and communication. The small size of honors classes allows for in-depth discussions and the development of close relationships with fellow students.

Who gets accepted into the Honors Program?

The honors program is open to entering first-year students who have scored a 28 or higher composite on the ACT and have a GPA of 3.8 (out of 4) or higher in high school.

Is it possible to join the Honors Program after I’ve started classes?

Yes. Students may also enter the Honors Program at the sophomore level upon the recommendation by their honors first-year seminar professor.

What are some examples of classes that I’ll be able to take?

Honors First Year Seminar: A two-semester course with an emphasis on developing the skills in interpretation, writing, discussion and research which characterize all honors courses.

Humanities Honors course (sample titles): Tragedy, Passion and Sacrifice; American Experience; Philosophy of Knowledge; Race and Human Inequality; Souls, Selves, and Persons

Social Science Honors course (sample titles): Introduction to Economics; Introduction to Human Communication; Security: Defense, Diplomacy, Development

Theology Honors course (sample titles): Biblical Tradition; The Reality of God; Great Books in World Religions; Spiritual Traditions in Islam

Great Books: A year-long discussion based seminar for juniors which concentrates on many of the world’s greatest works of literature, political philosophy and intellectual history.

Fine Arts Honors course (sample titles): Philosophy of Music

Ethics Seminar (sample titles): Medical Profession in the Modern World; Reading for Life

What if I try it out for a year and don’t want to continue?

If you choose not to continue to take honors courses you may simply register for the non-honors courses of your choice. Students may also take two courses in one semester or skip a semester of honors courses.

How many honors credits do I need to “graduate with honors”?

To graduate with “All College Honors” students must earn 32 credits in honors courses, including 12 credits in 300-level courses.  For students who enter the program in their sophomore year or who spend a semester abroad, the 32 credit requirement is reduced to 28 credits with 8 credits in 300-level courses.

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Saint John’s University

Dr. Beth Wengler
Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of History
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Dr. Emily Esch
Associate Director, Honors Scholars
Professor of Philosophy
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