The following are teaching programs in Japan that are approved by the Center for Global Education:


Bunkyo Gakuin University (BGU) is part of Bunkyo Gakuen, an educational institution that was founded in 1924. BGU is composed of two campuses, the Hongo campus and Fujimino campus. Though living near Hongo campus, the assistant will provide support to both institutions. The Hongo campus is situated in the heart of Tokyo, close to many educational institutions, parks, historical sites and cultural facilities. The campus is located next to a primary Tokyo metro (subway) station providing easy access to the entire city and surrounding region. BGU has been a collaborative partner of CSB/SJU for nearly 30 years and is the host institution for the CSB/SJU study abroad program in Japan.

Duration: August to March, possibility of an extension of the contract.

Position Description: Assistant Program Coordinator and English Tutor. Work for the Global Studies Institute (GSI), assisting BGU faculty in English language courses, tutoring BGU students, staffing the English Chat Lounge, assisting BGU staff to coordinate both incoming and outgoing study abroad programs and assisting international students as a dormitory administrator.

Eligibility: Bachelor of Arts is required. Teaching, RA, and TESL experience is preferred.

Orientation: A brief orientation upon arrival at BGU by GSI staff.

Financial Compensation: Monthly net salary of $1,600.

Housing: For candidates hired as Residential Assistants, free housing in the international dormitory with cooking and free laundry facilities is provided during the period that the International Dormitory is occupied by students.

Health insurance: Private travel insurance is provided by BGU.

Transportation: Airfare and ground transportation are not covered by employer and must be paid by the employee. 
Application Materials and Process: Interested candidates should complete and submit their application materials to the Center for Global Education for consideration.

University Website:  http://www.u-bunkyo.ac.jp/en/


Okinawa Shogaku High School is located in the southern part of Okinawa island, one of the prefectures of Japan. The schools, called "Okisho Junior and Senior High School", make up this well-known and highly regarded private institution. The schools have a combined population of approximately 2800 students. Known for its academic achievements, Okisho also emphasizes sports and physical education programs and has won national high school championships in baseball and judo. Okisho's curriculum includes a special international track that emphasizes English language study as an integral part of a program to support students planning to attend American colleges. Shogaku High School is a long-time partner of both Saint John's Prep School and CSB/SJU, which has sent numerous graduates to teach there through the TIA program.

Duration: Program runs from mid-August to the end of July the following year (11 months). Not renewable.

Job Description: Teaching Assistant in English Language and American Culture classes at junior/senior high school level, Vocational College, and/or Cram School, and one night per week RA duties and stay at the Shogaku Global Dorm. Involvement in extra-curricular activities is appreciated, but optional.

Eligibility: Only those interested in teaching should apply. Recruits do not have to be US citizens. If they are not, the applicant must document a minimum of 12 years of formal studies in  all subjects in English prior to filing an application with the Japanese Immigration Office for an Instructor (language) Working Visa. Okisho usually hires between 2 to 4 CSB/SJU students a year.

Financial Compensation: Approximately $31,000 annual salary. Additional monetary or time off compensation may apply for official duties outside of normal duty hours, duties not specified in the employment contract, and for extra-curricular involvement. Does not apply for going to games to provide support for school team/s or for voluntary participation.

Bonuses: A bonus of 100,000 JPY (approximately $1,000 USD) for fulfilling the contract agreement by arriving on-time to receive two weeks of Teacher Orientation and Training. Another bonus of 100,000 JPY for satisfactorily completing the contract and teaching duties. Late arrival (missing the orientation and teacher's training) or early departure for any reasons will result in forfeiture of the bonus/es.

Housing: No housing stipend. Housing (apartment with AC and laundry washer without dryer) is provided but tenant must pay monthly rent, utilities, and purchase own bedding/kitchen items. Monthly pay deductible funds without interest or fees are provided upon request with a one-time or housing stipend provided by employer.

Health Insurance: Provided by employer. Enrollment in the Japan National Compulsory (mandatory) Health Insurance at the city office of residence. TA pays health fees to the city office (fees paid are based on previous fiscal year income in Japan - fiscal year is April to March). Very affordable for initial fiscal year as well as for the end of the contract. Per visit hospital fees (30%) are surprisingly more affordable than in the US.

Transportation: Airfare and ground transportation are not provided. One-time airport pick-up (first time) upon arrival is provided. TA must secure transportation (taxi is approximately $10 USD to the airport) thereafter. Transportation for initial housing supplies and orientation tours is provided. TA must pay entrance, food and beverage fees for visits to various sightseeing attractions.

Application Materials and Process: Interested candidates should complete and submit all application materials to the Center for Global Education. Skype interviews will be conducted by mid-February, and offers will be made as early as mid-March and no later than the end of March. The visa process is complex and time consuming, so prompt replies and submissions of required documents are a must and any delays will forfeit the offer.

School Website: http://www.okisho.ed.jp/en
Information on Region: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinawa


Founded in 1987 with the cooperation of the governments of participating countries, the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The program also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and to encourage international exchange at the local level by fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth. The objectives of the program are achieved by offering JET program participants the opportunity to serve in local government offices as well as public and private elementary schools, junior high and senior high schools. Participants are invited to Japan as representatives of their countries, and therefore are expected to be responsible for all of their activities. As of July 2013, there were 4372 participants in the program from 41 countries.

Duration: Program runs from July to June (renewable).

Position Description: Assistant Language Teacher: assist English language teachers in primary and secondary school classes; assist in the training of Japanese English teachers; perform other cultural exchange-related activities.

Coordinator for International Relations position is also available; requires strong command of the Japanese language (see website for description)

Eligibility: All majors encouraged to apply. Bachelor degree or a 3-year teaching certificate completed. TEFL/TESL certification and Japanese language skills are not required.

Orientation: Varies. A comprehensive 3-day orientation is provided post-arrival with topics such as life in Japan and work duties. Post-arrival orientation is mandatory.

Financial Compensation: Approximately a $34,500 annual salary for first year participants.

Housing: Provided by JET.

Health Insurance: Provided by JET.

Transportation: Round trip airfare paid by JET; transportation to interview in US is not provided.

Application Materials and Process:   Application deadline will be announced at the end of October/ early November.  Initial screening in December/January. Interview candidates announced in January/February and conducted in February. Results announced in April. Placement notification in May/June.  Please note: CSB/SJU does not have a formal partnership with JET, but a number of our graduates have successfully applied for these positions.

Program Websitehttp://www.jetprogramme.org/index.html