Kelly May

Kelly May had always been interested in medicine, and she was initially planning to major in Nursing at CSB. However, she eventually decided that nursing was not what she wanted to do. As an injured Blazer athlete, May spent a lot of time in the training room. After talking to some of the Sports Medicine Assistants and others involved in the Sports Medicine program, she thought it seemed natural for her coursework to follow that route as well.

While attending CSB, Kelly worked as a Sports Medicine Assistant for three years. “Being in the training room so much gave me practical experience working with athletes and using what I was learning in the classroom,” said May. Whether she was practicing taping sports injuries in class, helping an athlete with rehab after an injury, or aiding in the diagnosis of a muscle strain, Kelly was able to practice her skills and obtain valuable practical learning experience. “I would highly recommend working in the training room to anyone who is thinking about going into any area of the Sports Medicine profession as it gives you great hands on training,” shared May.

Kelly is currently working for a company called OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) in Plymouth, MN. OPTP is a catalog company which features physical therapy, personal training, athletic training, Pilates and chiropractic products and equipment. She works in marketing, but background with the Sports Medicine minor gave her the experience of working with many of the products she sells. May’s knowledge of sports injuries and physical therapy exercises have helped to let customers know which products would be the best for their needs. “My experience as a Sports Medicine minor has helped me a lot because I’m able to combine my knowledge of marketing from my Communications major with my knowledge of Sports Medicine and use it in my career.