Exercise Science and Sport Studies

Student Lab Assistants

Meet our wonderful student lab assistants! These lab assistants are often students who are studying some component of ESSS and wanted to be further involved in the ESSS Department. The job of an ESSS lab assistant is to help plan, conduct and monitor ESSS labs along side the professor in charge of each lab period. Get in contact with them below!

Brent Burg: [email protected]

Madison (Madi) Jones: [email protected]

Haley Neumann: [email protected]

Isabelle Legatt: [email protected]

Jonathan (Jon) Vonbank: [email protected]

Jena Wachowiak: [email protected]

MacLean (Mac) Berglove: [email protected]

Nicole Dueland: [email protected]

Alexandria (Alex) Armbrister: [email protected]

 Hannah Bock: [email protected]


College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Don Fischer
Chair, Exercise Science & Sport Studies