Environmental Studies


Many of our students choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Dedicating time to organizations can help develop problem solving skills, strengthen ties within the community, improve quality of life, and reinforce connections to other individuals. Students may choose to volunteer while in college to build their resume, or during the job search to improve their chances of obtaining a job.

The Peace Corps is an international service which sends volunteers around the world to promote world peace and sustainable lifestyles. The organizations offers various programs with various durations, but there are two which are most attractive to students. There is a University Program which offers students an opportunity to gain Peace Corps experience while still pursuing educational goals. There's also a 2-year program aimed at recent graduates who want to improve the lives of communities while gaining on-the-job skills that are attractive to today's employers.

AmeriCorps offers a plethora of programs for a variety of interests. Members of AmeriCorps can search for programs based on experience, interest, and location to find a fit in a community that suits their needs. Depending on a candidates situation, some assistance may be available such as: student loan deferment, training, living allowance, and health benefits. There are plenty of opportunities for graduates, as well as a limited number of summer and part-time opportunities for current students.

Minnesota Green Corps is an Americorps program which places members around Minnesota to focus on environmental projects. Members serve sites statewide in order to preserve Minnestota's natural environment. Students choose this program because they gain skills and experience in the environmental field, develop professional qualities, give back to the community, and improve the natural world while doing so.

The Nature Conservancy is an organization dedicated to protecting important land and water for nature and people. The organization hosts many events that have volunteering options available, as well as promotes many attainable initiatives and opportunities to be more connected with nature. There are various internships available throughout the year as well, so stay updated on their website to know when they are available.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has many openings throughout Minnesota for temporary volunteering positions. These positions are unpaid and generally don't require a heavy commitment. Some examples of positions include wildlife monitoring, event preparation, naturalist training, and many more! These opportunities are great for current students who want to put in volunteer hours during the school year.

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