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Environmental Studies majors are required to complete one credit of ENVR 397: Internship. Generally, waiting until after the spring semester of the junior year provides the intern with a substantial body of skills and knowledge to draw on during the placement. ENVR majors are required to complete a minimum 80 hours and 4 weeks duration for 1 credit of internship.

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Recent Internship Profiles

Emma Nelson

Emma Nelson ('24)
St. John's Outdoor University - Student Land Manager

"I really enjoyed creating pollinator gardens! With my supervisor and team of coworkers, we transitioned two grassy "turf" plots of land on St. John's into prairie gardens."

Lauren Funke ('24)
Lower Phalen Creek Project - Intern

"Learning about the history of Wakan Tipi and then being able to actually go to the site and see with my own eyes was very valuable."

Thomas Hobday ('24)
Montana Natural History Center - Summer Camp Instructor

"Looking at the world through the lens of a kid is something that we too often loose as we get older, and it was awesome to hone that sense of wonder again."

Mahina Melim ('24)
Saint John's Pottery - Environmental Art Intern

"The power of community is deep and wide! At the Kiln Lighting Ceremony alone, there were around 400 guests – all gathered in celebration for this special event. My internship affirmed my belief that beautiful things can bring people together. "

Jake VanderMeeden ('23)
Cedar Creek Energy - Solar Panel Installer

"This type of construction-related job is something that I had little prior experience in. However, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and learn a new skill through this internship that will ultimately make me a more well-rounded person."

Jack Grabinski ('23)
Les Voyageurs, Inc. - Backcountry Wilderness Guide

"Watching the participants learn wilderness skills prior to leaving for the trip was very rewarding. It was fun to help everyone learn and grow throughout the trip as well."

Gabriella BackesGabriella Backes ('23)
Hemker Park & Zoo - Zookeeper Intern

"My internship connected to my planned career because I got the opportunity to expand my knowledge on animal behavior, biology, and husbandry. I also was able to learn more about the endangered animal breeding programs and how they function."

Mariko Hermerding Mariko Hermerding ('23)
Happy Dancing Turtle - Summer Programs Support Intern

"One of my favorite aspects from my internship was the unexpectedness of it. Every day at Happy Dancing Turtle brought a new adventure."

Daniel Welshons ('22)
St. John's Outdoor University - Student Land Manager

"After spending so much time in a natural setting, I've gained more of an appreciation for just how complex our various ecosystems are and the difficulties in managing an ecosystem where everything is connected."

Tamia Francois ('22)
CSB+SJU Sustainability Office - Office Intern

"My internship revealed to me that being able to engage in sustainable living requires time and money, which some people of a minority do not have space for. However, sustainable practices can be accomplished in small ways, like recycling and biking."

Chris Berry ('22)
Limnopro Aquatic Sciences - Water Resources Intern

" I was able to use what I learned in the classroom and apply it. Additionally, this internship connected to natural science classes I have taken as it provided a foundation for my understanding of ecosystems."

Megan Greenberg ('22)
MN350 - Climate Communications Intern

"Through my work I learned that there are lots of people out there working together toward a climate just future."

Collin LarsonCollin Larson ('22)
Soil Engineering Testing Inc. - Testing Lab Assistant

"Being able to work hands on and gain a better understanding of soil and its importance while meeting new people gave me even more experience in the real job world."

Max Lyons GardeningMax Lyons ('22)
Marlene's Gardens - Garden Assistant

"I have become fascinated by our food production systems and learning how to create a more localized network of producers and consumers."

Braden Orr Braden Orr ('22)
Washington Conservation District - (AIS) Watercraft Inspector

"One highlight of my internship was getting to educate people about the importance of preventing AIS in their local places of recreation, and it seems that many boat owners that I talked to were genuinely dedicated to keeping their state's lakes clean and AIS-free."

Cassandra Will ('22)
Leelanau Lake Association - Biologist Assistant

"Many people seemed genuinely happy that we were trying to protect the lake, even if they had never heard of Eurasian Water Milfoil before. It felt like I was making a tangible difference.

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College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Derek Larson
Chair, Environmental Studies
SJU Peter Engel 235

Jennifer Kutter
Department Coordinator
SJU Peter Engel 201

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