Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Minor

24 credits

Required Core Courses: 12 credits

  • ENVR 150: Intro to Environmental Studies (BN)
  • ENVR 175: Earth Systems Science (NS, NW, QR)
  • ENVR 275: Humans in the Environment (NS)

Environmental Electives: 12 credits

Choose THREE courses from the following list:

  • ENVR 300D: World Literature of Climate Change (HE, WR, TE3-JU)
  • ENVR 300N: Conservation and Natural Resource Management (TE3-MV)
  • ENVR 300P: Environmental Writing (AR, AE)
  • ENVR 300Q: Environmental Health
  • ENVR 300T: Sustainable Agricultural Science (NW, TE3-MV)
  • ENVR 300Z: Outdoor Adventure Education & Leadership (2 credits)
  • ENVR 303: Climate Action Workshop (EX, TE3-JU)
  • ENVR 305: U.N. Climate Change Conference (2 credits) (SS, SW, EX, TE3-JU) enrolled students typically attend the UNFCCC COP
  • ENVR 306: Global Climate Change Policy (2 credits) (SW, TE3-JU)
  • ENVR 310: Environmental Geography (SS, SW, TE3-MV)
  • ENVR 311: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (AS)
  • ENVR 315: American Environmental Classics (HM, HE, WR, TE3-JU)
  • ENVR 327: Gender and Environment (GE, ES, CS)
  • ENVR 331: Science of Climate Changes
  • ENVR 360: U.S. Environmental History (HM, HE)
  • ENVR 377A: Energy and Society (SS, SW, TF-JU)

Only 300-level courses that are formally listed as ENVR are accepted as elective in the minor. Courses from other departments that are not cross-listed (i.e. BIOL) may not be counted toward the minor. Courses taken through other institutions (i.e. study abroad) must be approved by the department chair on an individual basis.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Derek Larson
Chair, Environmental Studies
SJU Peter Engel 235

Jennifer Kutter
Department Coordinator
SJU Peter Engel 201

[email protected]