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Zoe Huot-Link ’21

Elegy for a Pomegranate, Published in Legacy, Issue 11: Awakenings, December 4, 2020.

This poem was an exploration of sexual assault, from personal experience as well as a retortion against the assault of others. The pomegranate is the entrance to the underworld, deceit, deception, and abuse. The people left above land as Persephone is stolen must cope with what has happened and consider what they can do to prevent future abuses.

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Zoe Huot-Link ’21

Rumplestilskin, Published in Wingless Dreamer, October 28, 2020.

Modern day fairytales reveal our history and our archetypes. I wrote my poem, Rumplestiltksin as catharsis for a chaotic mindset. The fairytale is one of my favorites and to recontextualize it for my own state of being manipulated felt empowering.

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