Maggie Sullivan ’14

Since graduating from CSB/SJU in 2018, I’ve been working on completing my Master’s of Library and Information Science degree from St. Catherine University. I am both a full time student and work full time for St. Paul Public Libraries where I regularly help patrons from different backgrounds find what they're looking for or discover something new. When I’m not busy with school or work, I often find myself volunteering at various locations. I help out at the Eoin McKiernan Library, which is a special collection made up of Irish books located in the Celtic Junction Arts Center. In the winter months, I help as ski instructor for the Midwest Sport/Ski Council’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. CSB/SJU has not only helped me find my passions, it has given me tools to go out and do work that is meaningful to me and the people around me.

Clubs and Activities at CSB/SJU:

CSB/SJU Irish Dance Club

Current Job:

Library Customer Service Assistant I at St. Paul Public Library, Merriam Park Branch.

What was your favorite English class? Why?

Writing Essays – I did not realize it would be so creative, so I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the projects and readings.

What professor left a lasting impact on you?

I really enjoyed Matt Harkins classes. He introduced me to consider new perspectives and allow my creative side to show.

Did you do an internship while at CSB/SJU? How did it help you?

Yes, I worked for the Irish Fair of Minnesota over the summer. It helped me make more connections – because of Irish Fair MN I now help out with archives in the Eoin McKiernan Library.

Did you do any study abroad programs or clubs when you were at CSB/SJU?

Yes, I studied in Galway in the Fall of 2016. Such a great program! I really enjoyed our professor’s (Jacqui O’Hara) tour of Derry and hearing her personal stories growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

What class was most beneficial to your future career?

Oh gosh, hard to say. Editing and Publishing, maybe? I didn’t go into publishing, but it’s helpful to know about it when I’m looking at books in the library or trying to find information on them. I also grow really excited when I come across a Greywolf/Milkweed/Coffeehouse book in our collection!

How did your English education at CSB/SJU help you land your first or future jobs?

It gave me the resources needed and an eye for detail. It also helped me get into grad school!

Why did you choose the profession that you chose?

I enjoy books and helping people. I also really enjoyed conversations I had with my peers at CSB/SJU, so was eager to continue connecting with others and learning from them. Right now I am considering if I want to stay in public libraries or move to Academic/Archives.

What is one piece of advice that you have for current students?

Use the library ;)

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Maggie Sullivan ’14

English Major, Communication Minor

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Jessica Harkins
Chair, English Department
SJU Quad 350B

Laura Schmitz
Temporary Department Coordinator (Through spring 2024)
SJU Quad 362D/451