Amelia Kahlhamer ’24

Where do you call home?

St. Joseph, Minnesota

Why did you decide to major in the English Department?

I like the ambiguity of English. The paths you can take with it are broad and numerous. Also, English really focuses on expression of the self, where other departments usually don’t.

What has been your favorite English Department class? Why?

ENGL 279A: Literary Theory and Criticism with Luke Mancuso. It was like a mix of philosophy, English, and film studies – three of my favorite things.

What are you looking forward to as a student in the English Department?

I look forward to taking more English courses that both inspire me and help me grow as a creative.

What advice do you have for other English students?

The English department has a wide range of encouraging and knowledgeable professors. I’d recommend trying to take as many different ones as you can. I haven’t had the same professor twice and they’ve all influenced me in some way.

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Amelia Kahlhamer ’24

English and Sociology double major

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Yvette South
Chair, English Department

Brandie White
Department Coordinator
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