World Languages Education

Do you love languages, and want to share that passion with future students?  Candidates can pursue a K-12 License in teaching Spanish, French or German by majoring in Hispanic Studies, French or German, and completing a minor in Secondary Education.  We also offer an endorsement in K-8 World Languages for Elementary Education Majors. Becoming a World Language teacher means bringing the world into your classroom!

What You’ll Gain

  • 100+ hours of field experience working with language learners in classrooms
  • An additional 600 hours of classroom exposure during 16 weeks of student teaching
  • A solid understanding of how students learn new languages, how best to teach languages, and how to expand your students’ worldviews through teaching meaningful cultural content
  • Opportunities to collaborate with professional language teacher organizations in our state (MCTLC) and nationally (ACTFL)
  • Experience working with learners at all levels: elementary, middle and secondary
  • Opportunities to observe and gain experience in language immersion programs in our state
  • A program approved by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board


Are you interested in learning more about this program? Candidates can choose between two options:

K-12 World Language license – students major in the language they will teach, and minor in secondary education. Candidates who are successful in obtaining this license often teach high school world languages, but are licensed to teach K-12.

K-8 World Language endorsement – this endorsement can be added to an Elementary Education major and allows you to teach grades K-8. Elementary Education majors complete coursework in the target language that is roughly equivalent to a minor in that language.

Admission to World Languages Education

Learn about the application process to the department and how to prepare.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Leah VanOverbeke
Department Coordinator