CSB Vehicle Reservation Application Form

TO REQUEST A CSB VEHICLE RESERVATION USING THIS FORM, complete ALL of the following fields of information and then click <SUBMIT>.

Complete a separate application form for each reservation PERIOD. A "reservation period" is defined as (a) a single day or, (b) two or more consecutive days. Multiple, single-day (consecutive or non-consecutive) reservations require the submission of separate application forms for each date requested.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reservation requests using this form made during a weekend or on a legal holiday are not processed until the next working day. Please contact the Security office in person or via phone if you require a quicker response.



Please let us know WHAT TYPE of vehicle(s) you need:

[ Maximum vehicle capacities: AUTOMOBILE - 4 passengers plus a driver; MINI-VAN - 6 passengers plus a driver; MINI-BUS - 11 passengers plus a driver.

Please let us know WHEN you will need the vehicle(s):


[ Please note that persons driving campus-owned vehicles must first have completed both parts of the Defensive Driving Program and must have signed the appropriate release form on his/her campus to allow a driver license check of their driving record. The Defensive Driving requirement does not apply to a CSB student who is renting a vehicle for MEDICAL purposes. Persons driving a mini-van or mini-bus must be a minimum of 20 years of age.]