Mary Commons Information Desk and Mail Center

The Mary Commons Information Desk is located inside Mary Commons which is connected to Aurora, Corona and Regina Halls. The Mary Commons Information Desk serves as the college switchboard and provides information to students and visitors regarding directions, campus activities and events.


  • Main College Switchboard
  • Give Directions
  • Distribute mail, packages and deliveries
  • Flower Deliveries
  • Game and activity checkout


Address Format:

All US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx mail and packages being sent to students should be addressed in the following format:

Student Name
CSB Box #
37 S College Ave
St. Joseph, MN 56374

Note: Please include the College's Name (CSB) on the line immediately following the students name.  Please do not address mail as "PO Box" as it may inadvertently be delivered to the Saint Joseph USPS Office and delivery may be delayed.


Stamp booklets can be purchased at the CSB Bookstore. 

The United States Postal Services in Saint Joseph and Collegeville offers the full range of postal services at their offices.

Saint Joseph USPS
117 West Ash ST
Saint Joseph, MN 56374-4400        
Phone: (320) 363-8360

Collegeville USPS
110 East Powerhouse RD
Collegeville, MN 56321-4500
Phone: (320)-363-2760

CSB Student Mail Procedures

Perishable Packages

Perishable items should be sent at your own risk. When we receive a perishable item, such as include fruit arrangements or baskets, flowers, food service kits such as HelloFresh boxes, baked goods or marked perishable, the packages are received, and an email is sent letting the student know they have a perishable package ready to be picked up. The perishable item will be placed in the delivery area until the student is able to retrieve it. We do not have the capacity to preserve perishable packages that require refrigeration it is up to the student to come in a timely manner for their packages and deliveries.

Any perishable packages will be logged and marked as a perishable and kept at the Mary Info Desk. The Mary Commons Info Desk will hold all perishable packages for a 24-hour period following the initial email of delivery notification. If perishable items are not picked up within a 24-hour period, the package may be disposed of due to its perishable nature.

Students that are expecting medicine that requires refrigeration should work with CSB Health Services to have any medications delivered to the Student Health Center at CSB.  If for some reason medications which require refrigeration upon delivery must to call or email the Mary Commons Info Desk in advance to arrange for the pickup. Medicine must be picked it up the day it arrives.

Package notices & delivery

Students receive an email from [email protected] notifying them that a package has been delivered at the student mail center. Please check the email notification for the location and number of the package. There are two locations for pickup; student’s personal mail box or the Mary Commons Info desk. Packages delivered directly to a mailbox do not require a signature for pick up.  Any package that cannot fit in a mailbox and therefore must be picked up from the window will require that students have their student ID and know the package number indicated in the notification email when picking up any package/delivery. IDs must be scanned for a signature to indicate package has been picked up. 

Forwarding Mail

For recent graduates or students no longer continuing registration as well as those who are abroad

  • First Class letters and packages are forwarded to the student’s forwarding or permanent address
  • Newspapers cannot be forwarded.
  • Magazines: Magazines are forwarded for up to 90 days
  • Bulk (pre-sorted standard or non-profit) mail without an endorsement cannot be forwarded with the following exceptions:
  • Address Service Requested: Forward like First Class Mail
  • Forwarding Service Requested: Forward like First Class Mail
  • Return Service Requested: Return to Sender
  • Change Service Requested: Return to Sender
  • Packages: We are unable to forward items delivered by FedEx, UPS, Speedy Delivery or any other company outside of the US Post Office. 
  • Inter-campus mail:  Will be returned to the sending department or person as indicated on return address.  If no return address listed will be held until the end of the term after which time it will be disposed of.

Those departing from campus should…

  • Check and empty your mailbox before departing from campus!
  • Update their address information with companies, which send them mail on a regular basis (i.e. banks, cell phone companies, magazine subscriptions, etc.). 
  • To have mail sent to an address other than their permanent home address students must fill out a Forwarding Form. This information is retained only through the end of the term. After that time the forwarding addresses are cleared from the system and any additional mail is again forwarded to permanent home address on record with the registrar’s office.
  • Please note – we are unable to guarantee forwarding mail to foreign countries (we will try if there is no other information available, but delivery is unreliable)! We encourage international students or those who are going to live overseas to provide a U.S. address for forwarding or make sure to update all interested parties of how to reach them!