CSB Campus Apartment and House Social Event Registration Form

By electronically submitting this Social Event Registration Form I acknowledge that:

1. I have read and agree to abide by the Campus Apartment and House Social Event Guidelines.
2. I affirm that all of my roommates are aware of and agree with the guidelines and plans for the event and all are aware this registration form is being submitted for approval.
3. I am aware of the fact that Residential Life and Security staff will confront and close the social event if violation of the guidelines or public nuisance behaviors (such as excessive noise or presence of alcohol outside the residence) occurs.


Please answer the following questions thoroughly. Registration will be denied if inadequate information is provided.

Will alcohol be present at your event?
If alcohol will be present please respond to the following:

Submission of the Social Event Registration form commits the residents to assuming responsibility for hosting the social event and responding to Residential Life and/or Security staff regarding concerns about noise, health, safety or other complaint. All residents who will be present at the event should thoroughly read the CSB Campus Apartment and House Social Event Guidelines and the completed Registration Form.